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CosmoPBX Live CD

CosmoPBX is Linux live CD based on Knoppix Linux. CosmoPBX is released as open source under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is available for download free of charge. With CosmoPBX, it is possible to get a PBX system up and running within 2 minutes without installing anything! CosmoPBX is designed to reduce the time spent in installation and setup of typical PBX system with Asterisk. You don't even need a hard disk to use CosmoPBX. CosmoPBX can also be installed on local hard drive. Click here to read installation documentation. CosmoPBX is built from Knoppix which has solid Debian Linux foundation. CosmoPBX is bundled with latest Asterisk 1.4.0 and Asterisk-GUI Beta. With Asterisk and Asterisk-GUI installed, one doesn't have to worry about installing Operating System, dependencies and all necessary packages to get the IP PBX system running with Asterisk PBX.

To use CosmoPBX you need to follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the iso image
  2. Burn the image on CD
  3. Boot from CD

You can get the CosmoPBX running within 2 minutes of booting the CosmoPBX Live CD on good server machine!

CosmoPBX 2.0 Alpha features:

  •  Added Java SSH
  • Added SugarCRM
  • Added Flash Operator Panel
  • Added PHPMyAdmin
  • Added Webmin for Server Control
  • Added A2Billing
  • Added support to save configuration data to hard drive or other media when running from live cd
  • Added PHPInfo page
  • Added Backup and Restore feature
  • Added web gui for Asterisk CLI
  • Added Ability to view syslog
  • Added Ability to view asterisk log files
  • Added Ability to shutdown and reboot server
  • Added Ability to control asterisk from gui
  • Added support for changing date/time
  • Added support for changing timezone

CosmoPBX Live CD can be downloaded here

Click here to read user's manual of  CosmoPBX Live CD.

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